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The e6 content management system (e6 CMS) was first released in 2006 to help with the management of online stores.
Since 2006 we have improved and extended the system to provide general purpose tools for website management.

Users are able to maintain their website using a secure web based interface to add, edit, publish and unpublish content in real time.

Usage is intuative and suitable for the less experienced as well as the expert web user. It is characterised by three main features...

It's easy to use
It's easy to use, and
It's really easy to use

e6 CMS is suitable for sites ranging from just a few pages to many (possibly hundreds) of pages and, since it has been developed entirely in-house, it can easily be customised to suit individual requirements.

Existing users include Condor Group Limited, watch manufacturer in London, Ashleysonline LimitedSouthport Special Athletes and others.

Contact us for more information or to see a demonstration.

How it works

  • Each web page is associated with a template, or 'Master Page', which defines the layout of the page in terms of different 'Page Elements'.
  • Each page element (for each web page) is then assoiated with one or more 'Element Parts'.
  • Finally, web content is added to each element part using an online  'WYSIWYG' (What You See Is What You Get) Html editor and image / document / media manager.
  • Content may by published or unpublished at any time. All published content is visible to authorised visitors to the public facing website (this if often, but not always, all visitors).
  • If more than one element part is published at the same time, the content is rendered sparately in 'Tabs' (see overview diagram).


  • It is easy to use.
  • Secure management access using two pass login system.
  • Granular access control according to preassigned user privileges.
  • Predefined content components to cover common scenarios (contact form, login and registratation forms, lists, slideshow...).
  • CSS  management (advanced).
  • Real time performance statistics.


  • ASP.NET Web Forms.
  • Classic ADO.NET data access layer.
  • Telerik ASP.NET AJAX RAD controls. In particular...
    RADTabStrip, RADTab
  • Supported databases..
    MSSQL All versions
    MSSQL Express
    MS Access


    Navigation navigation / menus

    Photo-albumphoto album /

    Contact onlinecontact form

    Locationlocation map

    Sign-insign-in Sign-outsign-out

    Feedbackfeedback /
    bulletin board





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